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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I take a CPL class?

Why do I need a CPL?
A CPL is a Concealed Pistol License that allows you to carry a firearm concealed (meaning not in plain sight).  This allows you the ability to defend yourself with a firearm once you have completed the necessary training to do so. 

Today's Weapons has experienced instructors who are not teaching for any other reason than to make sure you feel comfortable with your weapon of choice and can defend yourself/family safely and with confidence.

Do I need to have a basic firearms class before taking the CPL class?

Is it required to take an overview of the basics before CPL?
It would be a good idea to take the basic firearms class to learn the fundamentals of the weapon you are wanting to know more about.  However, it is not required before signing up for the Concealed Pistol License class as the elementary lessons will be covered in that session as well.  We want to make sure everyone has enough knowledge of safe use of the weapon they will be using to carry concealed before we hand over the certificate to obtain their permit to carry.

Can I get my concealed carry in a day?

Will I be able to get my Michigan license to carry after one day of class?
Yes, after an 8-hour class including range time, you will receive your NRA certificate to process your Concealed Pistol License.

What clothing do I need for class?

Is there a special attire I need to wear for class?
Please wear high-necked shirts (to keep casings from going down your shirt) and pants that you can wear a thick belt with to put a holster on.  Also, please dress for the weather (maybe even hand warmers in the winter and ice packs for the summer).  If you have eye protection and ear protection please bring that along with you, otherwise we can make sure you will have access to some.

What do I do after I have my CPL?

Is there something I have to do once I get my CPL?
Practice what you have learned frequently.  Also, you can contact us to find out which class will be most beneficial for you to cover more in-depth training.

I've seen other CPL classes offered for less, what makes Today's Weapons so special??

Can't I take the same class somewhere else on a Groupon or something?
You could, of course, but then you wouldn't necessarily get the NRA material or instruction from the best in the area at a private gun club you wouldn't be able to go to unless you signed up for a membership.  Mark Jacobson has over 36 years of instructing firearms between the U.S. Army Military Police and as a Sheriff's Deputy.  Our other instructors are also involved with the Sheriff's Department as members of the road patrol and swat team and well versed in unarmed self defense, so you get a good "bang for your buck" with Today's Weapons!  We started Today's Weapons in 1993 so we also have a safety track record that you will not find anywhere else.

What if I already have my CPL?

What else do you offer besides CPL Classes?
If you already have your CPL and you want further training - we offer a wide variety of classes involving handguns, rifles, shotguns and tactical training.  We also have self defense courses including unarmed and armed techniques.  Of course, for your buddies that don't have their license to carry concealed, we can train them too!